Tissus antidérapants

Tissus antidérapants

OLEJAR Anti-slip fabric is a versatile and very effective anti-slip mesh product. There are many different types, thicknesses and colours, both adhesive and non-adhesive formats available.

OLEJAR Anti-slip fabric is made by applying a non-slip foam onto a polyester mesh which provides excellent strength of the product while the foam offers slip protection. The non-adhesive materials are waterproof and work effectively even in wet environments. Despite their resistance, Anti-slip fabrics can be cut to shape by scissors or knives.

Inside the structure of the foam are small air bubbles. By pressure (be it an item or a standing person), the foam compresses and allows the material to partially enclose the object, and thus create a perfect levels of slip resistance. We also offer different levels of foam resistance which can affect the amount of pressure absorbed by the fabric.

OLEJAR Anti-slip fabrics do not contain abrasive minerals, and thus prevents damage to delicate or valuable surfaces.

The entire range of anti-slip fabrics is extremely cost-effective that is why we can offer excellent prices, usually much lower than you would expect.

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