Bande imperméable et résistante

Variation de la bande imperméable, qui a un aspect antidérapant plus élevé et une impression au toucher complètement différent.

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14,68 € / pc Hors Taxes

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Durable waterproof tape

OLEJAR Durable waterproof tape is a variation of Waterproof tape with a higher level of grip and seems to be more rubber than plastic to the touch. Durable waterproof tape achieved levels of grip that were previously obtained only with an abrasive coating. This is accomplished due to the rubber effect. A higher coefficient of friction means lower probability of slipping. Durable waterproof tape achieved this level because we changed the embossing pattern of the surface and added certain elements.

OLEJAR Durable waterproof tape is perfect for walking barefoot.

Durable waterproof tape uses adhesive which is not water-based and the non-slip surface is impermeable to water. The tape needs to be properly applied; therefore, it will work perfectly on boats, showers, etc.

OLEJAR Durable waterproof tape is a valuable and economical non-slip material as well as a highly flexible material that can bend at a right-angle.

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