Bandes continues brillantes dans l'obscurité

Les bandes continues sont le système de marquage de dégagements le plus efficace et résistant au monde. Les bandes brillent dans l'obscurité.

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Permanent glowing in the dark strips

OLEJAR Permanent glowing in the dark strip represents the toughest material for aisle marking in the world which can be applied instantly, it is homogeneous and enough adhesive. The construction of the Permanent glowing in the dark strip is the same as standard Permanent strip but in addition the material is impregnated with photoluminescent powder which provides perfect levels of glow in the dark. In daylight, the colour is light green, however during the night or lights out, it immediately emits a bright white light.

OLEJAR Permanent glowing in the dark strips are charged from natural or artificial light and are perfect for the following applications:

  • Corridors
  • Highlighting access to exits
  • Factories without natural lighting
  • Areas prone to power failures
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